Flexible and beneficial: More than 7 ways of making a deposit without any commission

Basic rules on the deposit of money.

  • 1."Immediate" word to indicate the transaction is handled in seconds by a financial department specialist.
  • 2.It can be with drawn to preserve financial stability and avoid money laundering of a fund for the personal account of the client.
  • 3.Third parties will not accept the information about the funds transactions of the clients.
  • 4.Deposits can be available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week.
  • 5.The company is not responsible for the delay of the deposit as these delays are due to the method of payments.
  • 6.Transfer of funds may occur between accounts of the same category.
  • 7.When a customer transfers money to the trading account, multiple payment systems or multiple wallets are used by a single payment system, such wallet / account withdrawals must be equal to the fund.
  • 8.Company’s clients have the right to adjust the processing time for deposits without advance notice.
  • 9.Limits can be agreed on the payment systems for clients from other countries.